Soil Foodweb Incorporated

Soil Foodweb measures the quality and quantity of vital organisms in the soil and provides guidance in how to build your soil so your soil can build your plants.

Soil Quality Institute
The Soil Quality Institute identifies soil quality research findings and practical technologies that help conserve and improve soil, and enhance farming, ranching, forestry, and gardening enterprises. The Institute works with researchers, conservationists, and land managers to develop these technologies and make them readily available.

U.S. Composting Counci
The USCC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development, expansion and promotion of the composting industry based upon science, principles of sustainability, and economic viability.

Compost Guide
This site provides a wealth of informatin about composting, with discreet links to commercial sites offering composting products.

City Farmer
This is a link to an article telling everything you ever wanted to know about worm composting. The rest of the site is interesting as well.

Composting Council of Canada
This is a national non-profit, member-driven organization with a charter to advocate and advance composting and compost usage. It serves as the central resource and network for the composting industry in Canada. Their website has a great deal of information on composting in all its forms.

Keep It Simple, Inc.
This is a commercial website for a home compost tea brewer.

Waterkeeper Alliance
The website of this watchdog organization has information about all kinds of threats to the our water resources. This link explains why gardeners with an ecological conscience should not use cypress mulch.

Compost Sources

Lake Street Landscape Supply (Chicago)

Midwest Organics Recycling (McHenry County)

Resource Center (Chicago)
Ken Dunn: 773/758-1351


Online Lists of Soil Testing Labs

University of Illinois Extension

Purdue University Agronomy Extension (Indiana)

Cook County Farm Bureau B (They do testing themselves, too)

Organic Gardening (List of soil testing labs throughout the U.S.)