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Mike Nowak

Mike joined the Chicagoland Gardening crew in 2003 and has been writing his thoroughly off-beat humor column for their back page ever since. He's been called the "Dave Barry of Gardening," but his mind doesn't really work like anyone else's. With titles like "Pathogens on Parade" and "Attack of the Killer Asparagus," the columns deal with the trials and seductions of gardening . . . and the paranoid fantasies of gardeners.

There aren't a lot of places lucky enough to have a magazine of the quality of Chicagoland Gardening devoted entirely to local gardening issues. If you're not familiar with CGM, you should click on the magazine name at the top left and take a look at their website. To read Mike's columns, click on one of thecovers at the left.

NEW ADDITION! Mike now has his own illustrator. From now on, each of his Chicagoland gardening columns will have its own weirdly delightful illustration by Chicago artist and designer Allyson Hunter.

Click to check out Allyson's website.


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