Dr. Wally

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Want the word from Dr. Wally, Pesche's honorary doctor of everything horticultural? Just click on one of the easy and informative articles below.

5. What Do You Do With a Problem Like . . . Japanese Beetles?

The Beetles are coming
And not the ones from Liverpool !

4. You'll Be Grateful You Deadheaded Your Spring Flowers and Bulbs

When the colors quit, get ready to snip.

3. Give Your Tomatoes a Kick Start

Want strong tomato plants with lots of tomatoes?
Got any old milk jugs?

2. How to Knock a Fungus Gnat Flat

Did you have your houseplants outside this summer?
Did you bring any new plants home?
Did you re-pot any plants recently?

1. Wake Up Your Sleeping Garden’s Potential … Naturally!

How did your garden grow last year?
Did you have a bountiful harvest of vegetables?
Any Disease Problems?
Were your flower beds full and lush?



Don’t Panic – Go Organic!

Wally Scmidtke
Pesches Garden Center Manager