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Chicago Market: The Making of a Food Co-op

Gregory Berlowitz is the founder of a food co-op called Chicago Market . Starting on June 15, they began a campaign to find 1000 owners in 100 day to get the market on its feet. One of their owners is Ina Pinkney , who has been a fixture on the Chicago restaurant scene for 33 years. She explains why she got on board.
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Improving the Soils in Our Cities

Distinguished soil scientists Sally Brown, Research Associate Professor at the University of Washington, Rufus Chaney , Research Agronomist for the USDA, and Ganga Hettiarachchi , Associate Professor at Kansas State University, talk about contaminants in our urban soils and the potential for remediating them, including with biosolids.
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What's REALLY Happening
to Our Bees

Some of the most knowledgeable people in the country explain what's causing the disappearance of our bees. And it's not just neonicotinoids. This is the best discussion of the problem that you've ever heard or read. Listen Here.

Amazing Susan Werner in the Studio
Powerful, versatile, hilarious singer/songwriter joins us in the studio to talk about her new tour and album, Hayseed. She manages to stop joking around with Mike long enough to sing a couple of songs. Listen Here.

Making a case for life
Doug Tallamy talks about his book, Bringing Nature Home, How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens. A caller to the program conveniently illustrates the difficulty home owners have in identifying native plants, and Tallamy describes his project to identify which birds consume which insects. Listen here.

What's the Big Deal about Native Plants?
Charlotte Adelman, co-author of The Midwestern Native Garden, goes beyond and cliches and oversimplifications and explains just why native plants make for a better, more life-filled garden.
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Wikimedia commons image

Do males make you sneeze ?
Tom Ogren has been studying the effects of allergenic pollen on gardeners and the general population for twenty five years, writing numerous books on the subject, including Allergy-Free Gardening. Now he is in Canada, where he is performing an allergy audit. That is to say, he is tasked with examining the effects of planting too many male cloned trees and shrubs, where they can contribute to allergies and asthma. Listen here.

Want to join the fun? Check here for more book events.

The book signing at Rich's Foxwillow Pines .

Read all about Attack of the Killer Asparagus,
and order your own copy,
at Around the Block Press.

Next up, Lurvey's Garden Center.

Mike Nowak has been the Chicago radio voice of gardening and the environment for more than thirteen years. First at WGN Radio and now at Chicago's Progressive Talk, he has informed and entertained his listeners about everything from bugs to battery recycling, from energy audits to echinacea.
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Sunday from 9 to 11am
WCPT 820AM and 92.5FM, 92.7FM, and 99.9FM

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A monarch on Joe Pye weed in the Christy Webber
permaculture display at Millenium Park

CRC Recycling Survey

About 600,000 blue carts have been rolled out in Chicago. And yet, the City's recycling numbers can best be described as a work in progress.

Are you happy with recycling in Chicago? Help the Chicago Recycling Coalition understand your views on how the city is doing with recycling and yard waste pick-ups by participating in their Recycling Survey .

Please take 3-4 minutes to complete the Recycling Survey . Your answers will help the Chicago Recycling Coalition and Chicago's recycling community push for new and better recycling policies throughout Chicago.

Top Green Talk Show Hosts

"Let's take a look at our top 5 green male talk show  hosts on radio. Of course, there are others worth noting, but these ones will surely get you hooked on listening to green tips, news, and other ecological concerns. These talk show hosts are not only wildly entertaining, but they are also intellectuals who know theirgreen stuff. . . . [Mike Nowak]'s one of the best environmental hosts that you will find."


A monarch caterpillar on the monarch flower (milkweed) in
the Green on McLean community garden

What are these butterflies doing? Yup, that's right.

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Mike takes the first hour to talk about gardening issues. Then, with Summer 2014 a month away from yielding to Fall 2014, he takes another look at how monarch butterflies are faring this year. Chip Taylor from Monarch Watch stops by to report on the population of this iconic species and to encourage people to plant as much milkweed as possible.

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Mike at the Good Food Festival

Rick DiMaio Weather
"The Mike Nowak Show" features a regular weekly weather segment with Chicago meterologist Rick DiMaio. Click the pic for Rick's website.

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